Stefania Gialdroni on the Jury of Marco in ‘t Veld’s PhD: VUB Brussels

30 August 2022

Congratulations to Marco in ‘t Veld who received his PhD degree from VUB Brussels discussing, on 29 August 2022, a dissertation on the role of customs in the resolution of conflicts between merchants in Amsterdam and Lyon in the modern age: Cataloguing Customs of Trade: Looking Behind the Labels (Amsterdam and Lyon, 1700-1730). On the committee was our PI Stefania Gialdroni with Frederik Dhont, David Deroussin, Niels Van Dijk and Dave De ruysscher. Prof. De ruysscher, the thesis supervisor, is the winner of two ERC projects and a member of Micoll’s Advisory Committee. An unforgettable experience in which we celebrate a successful and fruitful collaboration between #ERC research projects.