Rachel Midura on Early Modern Digital Itineraries: University of Padua

20 November 2022

On December 1st at 2:30 pm MICOLL will have the pleasure of having Prof. Rachel Midura (Virginia Tech) as a guest speaker. She will give a lecture for our research group on her project EmDigIt which deals with early modern digital itineraries.

Midura’s project combines history of the book with digital approaches to explore how a database of sixteenth- through eighteenth-century itineraries may reshape our understanding of historical travel and communication. Printed itinerary books provided early modern travelers with lists of cities along routes. Digital spatial approaches often rely upon modern mapmaking and its built-in assumptions of up-to-date accuracy, decentered viewpoint, stable place identifiers, and direct distances. The data provided has been hand-entered from over 80 multilingual, international itineraries published from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries and formatted for relative ease of use with network and spatial analysis tools.

It will be possible to join the meeting online upon request at micoll.dpcd@unipd.it.