MICOLL meets PHEDRA in Venice

1 June 2023

MICOLL and PHEDRA are best friends and they will soon meet in beautiful Venice! Our Stefania Gialdroni will present a paper in the framework of the next workshop organized by the project PHEDRA, directed by prof. Luisa Brunori (CNRS – École Normale Supérieure, Paris), this time in collaboration with prof. Albrecht Cordes (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main).

The topic of the workshop is “Merchants, Arts, Luxury and Beauty” and it is going to take place at Palazzo Barbarigo, seat of the Centro tedesco di Studi Veneziani on 7-8 June 2023. Stefania Gialdroni is presenting an interdisciplinary paper, relevant both for MICOLL and IUSTITIAM, entitled Giorgione, Tiziano, Duerer: grandi artisti “al servizio” dei mercanti tedeschi nella Venezia del primo Cinquecento”.