“Cities within Cities”: Panel 3.7, AISU Conference: University of Ferrara

14 September 2023

Thanks to all the participants of our panel 3.7 “Cities within cities. Merchants and urban space between integration and marginalization (11th-17th Centuries)” which took place this morning at the University of Ferrara within the framework of the 11th AISU (Associazione italiana di storia urbana) conference “Beyond the Gaze. Interpreting and understanding the city”. In order of appearance: Mario Ascheri (former professor at Sassari, Siena, and Roma Tre, online), Alessia Legnani Annichini (Bologna), Roberta Braccia (Genova), Jake Dyble (Padova), Chiara Lo Giudice (Padova), Stefania Gialdroni (Padova), Gilles Hebben (Lille), Victor Le Breton-Blon (Bretagne Sud), and Hélène Hu (Lille). 

The papers are going to be published in the series “Insights“, including our paper (Dyble, Gialdroni, Lo Giudice) on Bolzano: “The Mercantile Magistrate of Bolzano and his Palace: Merchants and Strategies of Self-Representation in a Borderland”.