Stefania Gialdroni and Jake Dyble in Palermo

17 April 2024

What: Workshop “Early-modern Commercial Documents in Foreign Jurisdictions”

Where: University of Palermo

When: 19-20 April 2024

Stefania Gialdroni and Jake Dyble will present two papers within the framework of this workshop organized by prof. Guido Rossi.

The aim of the workshop is to analyze various kinds of commercial documentation (private documents, court decisions, notarial deeds, etc.), as well as various ways of using that documentation (whether in law courts or arbitral panels, in notarial practice, commercial agreements between merchants and so on) and how they were used in foreign jurisdictions (e.g. whether they were translated or not).

The titles of their papers are:

Stefania Gialdroni: “Language barriers and how to overcome them: the case of the Mercantile Magistrate of Bolzano (1635-1851)”

Jake Dyble: “Taking them at their word: Transnational legal documents in early modern maritime cases”.