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A day trip along the canals

Learning by experience! Stefania Gialdroni, Chiara Lo Giudice, David De Concilio and Jake Dyble along the waterways used by merchants from the Middle Ages until the 1960s to transport men and goods. Thanks to the director of the Museum of river navigation (Museo della navigazione fluviale), Maurizio Ulliana, yesterday we had the opportunity to navigate…

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Micoll’s first time at the Accademia della Crusca!

What a great day for #Micoll ! Our PI, together with Francesca Fusco and Davide Basaldella, was for the first time at the Accademia della Crusca, one of the leading (and most ancient) institutions in the field of research on the Italian language. Its headquarters is located inside the Villa Medicea di Castello, on the beautiful…

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Reprint of the first edition of Stracca’s “De Mercatura”

The first edition of the fundamental “De mercatura seu marcatore” by Benvenuto Stracca (Venice, 1553), which is considered the founding work of commercial law as an autonomous discipline, has been recently reprinted in its original form. Thanks to the initiative of Marco Cian, prof. of Commercial Law at the University of Padua, the editor Giappichelli…

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PHEDRA Summer School 2024 – Call for applications

Our PI Stefania Gialdroni will be one of the members of the panel of this amazing Summer School devoted to the analysis of the sources of commercial law history. More infos HERE. The International Research Network I.R.N. PHEDRA organizes its second Summer School in La Rábida (Palos de la Frontera, Spain) on 25-28 June 2024. Following the…

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Denise Bezzina has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant!

Denise Bezzina, former member of MICOLL’s team and currently Research fellow in Medieval History at the University of Genoa, has just been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for her PatriFem project “Charting Female Property and Patrimonial Rights in Law and Practice Across Western Europe (12th-16th Centuries)”. Congratulations on this amazing achievement! Denise will analyze the…

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Dr Jake Dyble winner of the STARS@UNIPD Grant 2023

Another great success for one of MICOLL’s team members! Our postdoc Jake Dyble won the STARS Grant (Supporting TAlent in ReSearch) of the University of Padua with his project “Avania: Commerce, Orientalism, and Law in Early Modern Europe” (AvCOL). Well done! The STARS call positively pushes candidates to pursue and train for excellence overall, to familiarize with…

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