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Stefania Gialdroni and Chiara Lo Giudice on IUSTITIAM

On the 4th of April 2024 Stefania Gialdroni and Chiara Lo Giudice (project IUSTITIAM) will present a paper entitled “Places, Space, and Iconographies of Commercial Justice in the Hanseatic Cities” within the framework of the interdisciplinary conference “Legal Iconography and Legal Language” (Rechtsikonographie und Rechtssprache), which will take place in Heidelberg from 4 to 6…

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Matthias Heinz on italianisms

Next Tuesday, February 27th, at 3pm, prof. Matthias Heinz (University of Salzburg), director of the database OIM (Osservatorio degli italianismi nel mondo), will be our guest at the Department of Private Law and Critique of Law of the University of Padua to talk about the diffusion of words of Italian origin in the world. It…

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Alicia Wolff on pilgrimage routes in the Middle Ages

On Monday 19t February 2024, at 2:30pm (Rome time), Alicia Wolff, PhD student at the University of Heidelberg, will give a lecture on “Glossaries, itineraries, and treaties: Lists as the main tool for organizing, saving, and sharing knowledge in medieval pilgrimage reports”, based on her doctoral thesis. Pilgrimage routes, from Northern Europe towards Rome and Jerusalem in…

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