Dr. Daniele Tinterri | PhD

M.A. (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia), Ph.D. (Università di Torino/EHESS Paris)

Short Bio

After obtaining the master’s degree in Byzantine History at Università Ca’ Foscari – Venice, I attended a PhD in Historical Sciences en cotutelle between the University of Turin and the EHESS in Paris in the period 2013-2016, with a thesis about Genoese and Venetian settlements in Greece in Late Middle Ages.

I studied at the the School of Archival Sciences, Palaeography and Diplomatics at Genoa State Archive and I’ve been working there as an archivist since 2018. During this period, I devoted myself principally to teaching, exhibitions and activities directed to public and schools, as well as with research projects carried out in the archives.

I am particularly interested in social and juridical institutions in border lands, where different cultures and languages interact and confront themselves, and how these exchanges impact on societies and their pattern.