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MICOLL meets PHEDRA in Venice

MICOLL and PHEDRA are best friends and they will soon meet in beautiful Venice! Our Stefania Gialdroni will present a paper in the framework of the next workshop organized by the project PHEDRA, directed by prof. Luisa Brunori (CNRS – École Normale Supérieure, Paris), this time in collaboration with prof. Albrecht Cordes (Goethe University Frankfurt…

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ASDIMM Conference: University of Bologna

Tomorrow our PI Stefania Gialdroni is going to present a paper on the role and impact of the ERC Grants on legal-historical research in Italy at the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna on the occasion of the ASDIMM (Associazione degli storici del diritto medievale e moderno / Association of Medieval and Modern Law Historians)…

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On the trail of the ancient Via Postumia in Verona

A few days ago we made a little journey to discover the remains of the ancient Via Postumia still visible in the city of Verona as well as some places relevant to medieval merchants such as the “Corte Sgarzerie”, an area next to Piazza delle Erbe, which was deeply linked to the processing and trade of…

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Prof. Luisa Brunori on the history of business partnerships: University of Padua

Prof. Luisa Brunori (Directrice de Recherches at the CNRS, PI of the International Research Network PHEDRA, Centre de Théorie et Analyse du Droit Cnrs/École Normale supérieure/Université Paris Nanterre, former Directrice de Recherches at University of Lille) will give three lectures on the history of commercial law as part of the ‘History of Law’ course of the Department of Private…

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Doctoral lecture at Ca’ Foscari by MICOLL’s team

Save the date! Our team of linguists – Davide Basaldella and Francesca Fusco – together with our PI Stefania Gialdroni will give a lecture on Micoll’s lexicon “Per un lessico del diritto commerciale medievale: il progetto MICOLL” at the Department of Humanities of the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari on March 7th 2023 at 2:15pm within…

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