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Across the Alps, following the ancient trade routes

Micoll’s first residential seminar (Bressanone/Brixen, 26-29 June 2023) was an opportunity not only to talk about two classics of the history of commercial law (Goldschmidt) and the history of the Italian language (Migliorini), but also to discover the Alpine region around Brixen and to experience first-hand the difficulty, but also the beauty, of some of…

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Dr Denise Bezzina hired by the University of Genoa

Many congratulations to our Denise Bezzina, historian of the Middle Ages and expert of the State Archive of Genoa, who not only passed the first step of the ERC CoG 2023 (fingers crossed for the interview!), but has also obtained a research position (rtdb) in Medieval History at the University of Genoa. She is going…

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New Book by Francesca Fusco on Rezasco’s Dictionary

Congratulations to our Francesca Fusco for this important publication for the prestigious series Quaderni degli “Studi di lessicografia italiana” (Accademia della Crusca)! Francesca Fusco, Il Dizionario del linguaggio italiano storico ed amministrativo di Giulio Rezasco, Firenze, Accademia della Crusca, 2023. The Dictionary of Historical and Administrative Italian Language (Florence, 1881) by Giulio Rezasco (La Spezia, 1813…

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MICOLL’s first residential seminar: Bressanone

Everything is ready to discuss two classic of the history of commercial law (the “Universalgeschichte des Handelsrechts” by Levin Goldschmidt) and of the history of the Italian Language (the “Storia della lingua italiana” by Bruno Migliorini) with prof. Antonio Cappuccio (University of Messina) and prof. Maria Vittoria dell’Anna (University of Salento). The teams of MICOLL…

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MICOLL meets PHEDRA in Venice

MICOLL and PHEDRA are best friends and they will soon meet in beautiful Venice! Our Stefania Gialdroni will present a paper in the framework of the next workshop organized by the project PHEDRA, directed by prof. Luisa Brunori (CNRS – École Normale Supérieure, Paris), this time in collaboration with prof. Albrecht Cordes (Goethe University Frankfurt…

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ASDIMM Conference: University of Bologna

Tomorrow our PI Stefania Gialdroni is going to present a paper on the role and impact of the ERC Grants on legal-historical research in Italy at the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna on the occasion of the ASDIMM (Associazione degli storici del diritto medievale e moderno / Association of Medieval and Modern Law Historians)…

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