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Dr Jake Dyble winner of the STARS@UNIPD Grant 2023

Another great success for one of MICOLL’s team members! Our postdoc Jake Dyble won the STARS Grant (Supporting TAlent in ReSearch) of the University of Padua with his project “Avania: Commerce, Orientalism, and Law in Early Modern Europe” (AvCOL). Well done! The STARS call positively pushes candidates to pursue and train for excellence overall, to familiarize with…

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AISPE-SISE Congress 2023: University of Palermo

The International Congress “Centers, Peripheries, Networks, People, Goods, and Ideas on the Move in Economic History and the History of Economic Thought”, organized by the Italian Association for the History of Economic Thought (AISPE) and the Italian Society of Economic Historians (SISE) will take place at the University of Palermo from 19 to 21 October 2023.…

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56th SLI International Congress: University of Turin

The 56th International Congress of the Italian Linguistic Society (Società Linguistica Italiana), devoted to the topic “Continuo e discreto nelle scienze del linguaggio”, is going to take place in Turin next week (14-16 September 2023). Our Davide Basaldella is going to present a paper entitled “La commutazione di codice in area italoromanza: sondaggi su atti…

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